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Geophysical equipment rental for the land and shallow marine environments.

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In our world of rapidly changing technology and market forces, Enserv is committed to providing specialty Geophysical equipment on an as-needed basis to allow our clients to provide a broad range of geophysical services without the commitment of investing in geophysical instruments for occasional use. This allows our client to maximize profit and focus on project completion and client development. Enserv can also provide field crew and expertise in data analysis and presentation.

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Business Services > Engineer and Architect Services > Environmental Engineers

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AGI SuperSting R8 IP 8 channel Memory Earth Resistivity and IP Meter, R8/Marine - Marine Logging System, Geometrics ohmmapper, Radiodetection's RD4000, Radiodetection DD submersible antenna

Products And Services

Enserv maintains an inventory of specialty, rental geophysical equipment for the land and shallow marine environments. Geophysical Rental Equipment including: Electrical Resistivity, GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), RF Pipe and Cable Locating, Marine Resistivity, Side-Scan Sonar, Sub-bottom profiling and a submersible antenna for Pipe and Cable Locating.

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